Call girls report crisis in prostitution..

Call girls report crisis in prostitution:

Men are smooth”

 According to the call girls, before the crisis could make $ 300 a day, but currently only earn $ 100.
 This weekend, some call girls reported through messages that the financial crisis faced by states has hit the prostitution market.

 According to them, “before the crisis it was possible to earn well, reaching $ 300 for two programs. But now, if we make $ 100 in one day is profit, ”said one.
 However, the crisis came - and with it the lack of money that led to the very low demand for sexual services.

 “It's hard, we promote, lower the value for less time, but men do not seek. They claim lack of money, ”said one call girl who chose not to identify herself.

 Asked about the measures they will take to overcome the crisis, the girl who claims to be a virgin, “because she only has anal intercourse”, said she intends to travel to capitals like Porto Velho or Cuiabá to try to bill and recover the damage.

 "I go to Porto Velho, Cuiabá, because the situation is better financially, but I only go on vacation," he said saying that some already talk about leaving the profession for lack of financial return.

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